About Me

I thought you may like to know a couple other things about me.  I reside in NJ.  Traffic is part of my lifestyle.  A morning commute that should, according to speed limits and mileage, take me half an hour, takes a solid hour.  Coming home is longer.  Hour and a half at least.  It doesn’t bother me though.  I truly like what I do, and the commute to work with the people I work with is all worth it.

I have two cats, Hemingway and Holly.  They like to run around the house at 3:00 am and knock our drinks off the table, like most cats do.  They spend their day sleeping on our bed and grazing their food dishes.  I am married.  And, I have two children.  Rather close in age (15 months apart to be exact).  One boy and one girl, and as of this post, they are 2 and 1 respectively.  To say that my evening at home is as busy as my day at work holds true.  My wife works, too.  She is not a teacher, but is thinking of it.  She works in the evening so that someone is always home with our kids.  We are fortunate in that respect, but we make sacrifices for it.

The four of us (plus the cats) reside in a home in central NJ that will be turning 100 years old in 2017.  It has many original parts.  Needless to say, we are hoping to do a complete gut renovation in the future.  We are pretty real.  Popcorn and renting a movie is a date.  Taking the kids to the park is a family day out.  And, our cars end up in the shop at least twice a year.  But when I sit back and think about it, we have fun.  We laugh.  What else can you ask for.